What Is An Apprenticeship?

Develop yourself and your career by learning some skills in a traditional classroom and all other training on-the-job as a full-time employee. An apprenticeship is an alternative to college, offering a paying job towards a career, hands-on training, education, and industry recognized certification.

Hands-on Experience.

Apprentices work side by side with experienced tradesmen and women, watching and learning what they do. During evening classes, they learn the basics of their trade through technical books and instructors who have performed the same work in the field.

Paid To Learn.

New apprentices start by performing less complicated tasks while assisting on the jobsite. As they gain knowledge through classroom training and hands-on experience, they begin to perform more technical aspects of the trade.

Average College Student

Average Union Apprentice

*Not all locations offer classroom compensation.
**Average salary range when taking all trades into consideration.

I just bought my first home and am looking to buy a motorcycle. Unlike my friends, I am not tied to any student loan debt. I go to work every day with a sense of pride, surrounded by my union brothers and sisters as we improve the great state of Wisconsin. 

Are you ready to see what a career in union construction has to offer?

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Basic Requirements

Do you have what it takes to succeed in the construction industry?

18+ with a Driver's License

Candidates for the apprenticeship program must be at least 18 years old with a valid driver’s license.

H.S. Diploma or GED

Do you have what it takes? Candidates for the program must have a high school diploma or a GED transcript.

Ability to Pass a Drug Test

Before being accepted into the program, candidates will be asked to pass a drug screening test.

Good Grades

The best candidates are able to balance high-energy workloads and classes while maintaining good grades.

Passing Test Scores

Most trades have testing requirements as part of their application process that candidates for the program must meet to move forward in the process.


Are you an effective communicator? The best candidates have great communication skills, both written and verbal. They are active listeners and are open to feedback from others.

Respect for Safety

Safety is the construction industry’s number one priority. The best candidates lead by example, following safety precautions and guidelines to minimize injuries and maximize productivity.

Punctuality and Attendance

The best candidates value punctuality. Class attendance is mandatory and important for finishing the program. Be ready and willing to work every day by showing up on time.

Willing To Learn

The best candidates have an enthusiastic attitude towards the apprenticeship program and are willing to learn on the job site and in the classroom. Successful individuals can take direction from a variety of experienced tradespeople and ask questions when needed.

Positive Attitude

The best candidates have a positive attitude toward the program, the instructors and the contractors they work with. They are a strong team player by helping others to stay motivated and engaged in class and on the job.

Problem Solving

The best candidates possess strong decision-making abilities and come up with solutions to address needs on the job. Successful individuals will take initiative to stay busy and contribute to project goals.

Math Skills

The best candidates are good at math – specifically spatial relationships. Individuals will maintain a strong working knowledge of basic math skills to regularly apply Algebra, Geometry, and other concept areas.

Career Paths

Experience the advantage! Explore a career that offers limitless opportunities for long-term growth and success.

With schools, hospitals, luxury high-rises and more projects being built every day, construction is always in demand. According to the Job Center of Wisconsin, the demand for construction workers across all occupations is projected to grow nearly 9 percent by 2026 outpacing the average total projected growth among all jobs in Wisconsin.

Find out which trade is right for you.

Union Construction Trades

Career Benefits

A career in the skilled trades is challenging, exciting and rewarding! Your apprenticeship will teach you real-world skills in an industry that’s:

Learn from the pros — and get paid like one! Every career path within the building trades offers varying wage and benefits packages, but all average hourly wages far exceed the Wisconsin average.

Earn higher wages and receive better benefits with a stable career in the trades. Your employer-provided premium health insurance will keep you covered without making you feel strapped for cash. All benefits are above and beyond your hourly wage, so it won’t come out of your paycheck.

Innovation leads the way in the construction industry. We’re shaping our cities and driving growth, using the most advanced technology available to bring complex projects to life.

No two projects are ever alike, keeping the work exciting. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to grow and advance.

Actively build your community — literally! Vision and teamwork combine in the building trades to create a lasting legacy you can be proud to show your family and friends.

Become a craftsperson who can apply your skills on the job-site and at home. You will be able to use your trades knowledge to help others.

Not Afraid To Work?
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Make student loans a thing of the past. A career in the skilled trades allows you to focus on YOUR future — one that’s HIGH-PAYING, ENGAGING and COMMUNITY-FOCUSED. Experience the advantage!

*Reflects the average salary range when taking all trades into consideration.