Steamfitters fabricate, assemble, maintain and repair piping systems that carry water, steam, compressed air, gases and other fluids. This includes determining how the pipes will be routed, selecting proper types and sizes for the job and cutting or threading the pipes. Steamfitters work everywhere from nuclear plants to breweries, schools and hospitals.

Compensation Information

Work Conditions

Both indoor and outdoor, varying weather, physically demanding

Skills Needed

Strong math, spatial, and mechanical ability

Relevant Classes

  • Algebra

  • Geometry

  • Trigonometry

  • Science

  • Technology

Education and Training

  • 5-year apprentice program

  • 9,326 hours of on-the-job training

  • 1,234 classroom hours

  • 640 paid hours

  • 594 unpaid hours

  • Arithmetic Requirements: ACT 17 or Accuplacer 250

  • Reading Requirements: ACT 17 or Accuplacer 249

  • Arithmetic Requirements: ACT 17 or Accuplacer 250

How to Apply

Once applicants have passing ACT/Accuplacer scores, the Steamfitters will schedule an interview with the applicant. Upon completion of the interview, applicants will receive a Letter of Introduction and a list of signatory contractors. It is the applicant’s responsibility to secure a contractor willing to take them on as steamfitter apprentice.

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