Project Owners & Developers

Protecting Your Investment

Developers and project owners that partner with union contractors have confidence that they’re working with a professional team, qualified to meet the rigorous performance standards required by the scope of their individual project. Respected contractors not only deliver on reputation and expertise, but also avoid unnecessary risks by investing in their people, establishing trusted relationships and relying on industry partners. Contractor risk management results in the best value for all project stakeholders.

Avoid unnecessary costs by choosing the right contractor for the job. One that appreciates the value of investing in its people. One that demands communication and collaboration from everyone who sets foot on the jobsite. One who demands that your job be done right, the first time.

Risk Mitigation

Union general and specialty contractors deliver on technical expertise, safety programs, past performance, and ability to address unusual complexity, aggressive schedules and new and changing environmental and governmental compliance standards.

Efficiency Through Collaboration Across All Team Members

Communication and coordination are crucial to maintaining a project schedule without incurring additional costs. Hiring union contractors and subcontractors ensures that every worker who sets foot on the jobsite has received the same rigorous training, and appreciates the risks associated with challenging or sensitive worksites.

High Productivity

Union contractors and their workforce dedicate years of their lives honing their craft before they earn the right to be called Journeyman. This investment is reflected in the speed and efficiency displayed when a true craftsperson is on their game.

Capacity for Advanced Education & Training

Industry investment in continued safety education and training equip union tradespeople and their affiliated contractors with the capacity to respond to new safety challenges, such as COVID-19.

Hallmarks of Union Construction

  • Guaranteed On-Time Delivery

  • Elimination of Unnecessary Cost Increases

  • Mitigating All Unnecessary Liability Issues

  • Prioritizing Safe Job Sites

  • Guaranteed Top Performance

  • Experience & Past Performance

  • Honesty, Integrity & Reputation

  • Seamless Workflow

  • Effective Team Communication

  • Readily Available Skilled Workforce

  • Excellent Craftsmanship

  • Delivery on All Specifications

  • Investment in the Industry

  • Championing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Commitment to the Community

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