Union Affiliated Contractors

Investing in Professional Partnerships

Consistent profitability requires managing costs at every turn. Productivity, schedules, safety training, benefits and labor costs represent just a few of the expenses that union contractors have greater control over, allowing them to better deliver safe, quality projects on time and on budget for construction owners.

Union Partners

Through investment in industry partnerships, union contractors have a leg up. Partnering with Labor ensures that every field crew personnel is a professional. Enhanced joint apprenticeship training programs guarantee consistent, high level training through journeyman status and beyond. Dedication to communication and coordination ensure that all schedules are met and that unnecessary costs are mitigated. Robust safety training and plans serve to protect the workers and their families and reduce unnecessary liability. Health, welfare and pension funds are administered by professional trust funds, eliminating HR headaches and expenses for contractors, also adding to employee satisfaction and retention.

Industry Advancement Partners

Joint investment in industry advancement assures that union contractors are part of a team dedicated to the professionalism and competitiveness of the industry. Labor management organizations advance issues that hit at the heart of contractors’ concerns. Workforce development and economic development are central to the missions like WRTP/BIG STEP, Building Advantage, Milwaukee Building Construction Trades Council, AGC of Greater Milwaukee, ACEA, NECA-Milwaukee and PMSMCA. These industry partners work collaboratively together and with community leaders, business leaders and public officials to ensure that commercial construction remains vibrant and profitable for union contractors.

Hallmarks of Union Contractors

  • Training Per Client Needs

  • Skilled Labor

  • Productivity

  • Apprenticeship and Training

  • Health Care is Uniform

  • Reliable Labor Costs

  • Labor Management Cooperation

  • Clearly Defined Labor Terms and Conditions

  • Safety Programs Lower Costs

  • Targeting Programs

  • Health Care Administration (no cost, uniform, cost effective)

  • Access to Employees

  • Flexible Employees

  • Increased Relationships/Marketing Opportunities

  • Mobile Workforce

  • No Cost Journeyman Upgrade

  • Certified Employees

  • Employee Retention

  • Control of Costs Increases

Chris Mambu Rasch

Executive Director

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