Every Hard Hat on Every Jobsite

COVID-19 has been a disrupting force over the past year, but the local union construction industry has been able to weather the storm. Deemed essential, the building and construction trades and affiliated commercial contractors were able to keep job sites safely open by implementing new training and awareness standards and readiness action plans.

The universal COVID-19 Training Hardhat Sticker is an industry-wide recognition of union construction’s commitment to safety, project owners and the community at large. It symbolizes the respect and professionalism that every union tradesperson has to their craft, their crew, and their contractor.

If you’re a union tradesperson, odds are you’ve already received the necessary training and are eligible to receive the COVID-19 Training Hard Hat Sticker. Recognized training programs include a basic review of CDC and OSHA guidelines, and of sufficient duration to permit attendees to fully comprehend the risks associated with COVID-19, the required safety protocols to minimize those risks, and how to implement those protocols on a construction worksite. Specifics may include but are not limited to risks associated with airborne infectious diseases, personal hygiene practices, physical distancing, proper PPE, etc.

Recognized programs include:
• COVID-19 / ICRA Awareness (Milwaukee Building & Construction Trades Council & CPWR)
• Local Union Training Centers
• Contractor Provided Course (verified on a contractor-by-contractor basis)
• Local Contractor Trade Associations
*Other courses may qualify, contact us directly to verify the criteria.

Training providers are encouraged to contact Building Advantage to verify program eligibility and to provide the number of participants who successfully completed the eligible training program. Upon verification, Building Advantage will deliver the requested number of COVID-19 training hard hat stickers to the training provider for distribution to the individual participants.

For more information or to receive stickers for your crew, please contact Nathan Jurowski (njurowski@buildingadvantage.org or 262-215-9656).

Hard Hat Sticker Information